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I've been a life coach for almost 15 years, and prior to working with Mark Scuderi, I never had a client motivate me to step up my game.


Coaching Mark is a pleasure, a challenge, and a privilege.

It’s a pleasure because he is focused, driven, consistent, humble, grateful, and accountable to everything he says he will do.


It’s a challenge because Mark idles at my cruising speed! He is a man who realizes the value of time (hisand everyone else’s) and makes the most of every single day. 


I’ve had the privilege of watching Mark grow from a full-time police officer/part-time real estate agent, to one of the most sought after RE/MAX broker/owners in the system. His goal achieving mindset, abilities and results are unsurpassed. And his passion for helping others achieve similar results is admirable.


If you have the opportunity to work with Mark, Bravo to you!  He’s truly among the best!   


- Linda Ryan, RN BSN
Mind Over Matter Coaching

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