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Take the FEAR out of it...

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

One of the most challenging parts of Flight Training is learning to land safely. Before you can get to that part of the training, you must learn how to fly the plane at slow speeds, fly a clean pattern around the airport, and display good control turning and descending . After you have been successful at those tasks you begin to learn to land.

The landing instruction consists of taking off, flying the traffic pattern around the airport, and then landing. During this process, your instructor has a full set of controls to assist, if needed, to ensure safety. A comforting feeling when you are flying.

This goes on for a few lessons, and eventually you get to the point where the instructor is confident in your ability to land safely. And then it happens! You come in for a flight lesson, and conduct a few take offs and landings. Then, unexpectedly, your instructor tells you to pull to the taxiway and so they can get out of the plane. You are instructed to conduct three more take off and landings, without the safety net of having your instructor seated next to you. You are completely on your own, and once you take off, you have no choice but to land it yourself. (Below is the amateur video of my first solo.)

There are a few good life lessons in this learning process which apply to you and your success in life and in business.

Flight instructors know when their students are ready to take their first solo flight. They also know that given the time to think about it, fear will set in, and many students would not go for it. The Brilliance of the lesson is that they take away the time to worry about the flight. The instructor gets out, after a few successful landings, and sends you on your way. Naturally anxiety is present, but all you have to do is exactly what you have been doing with your instructor, and if your are willing to overcome your Fear, you will be rewarded with a tremendous sense of accomplishment, and a cut t-shirt as pilot tradition includes cutting the tails off the back of your shirt.

So how does this lesson apply to everyday business? Simple. Oftentimes we have an idea, or are presented with an opportunity or challenge. We may even be excited for the challenge, but after a short time fear sets in. Other people offer their opinions, solicited or unsolicited, and your idea or dream fades away.

So the lesson is to remember this Blog post and video when you are presented with an opportunity or challenge. Take the fear out of the equation. Don't give yourself the time to talk yourself out of it. If you are excited about it, go for it. Down the road, you will be glad you did!

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