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I don't know what business you're in, but I do know you've had challenges over the past year. Who hasn't? Seriously. What entrepreneur hasn't had challenges since the onset of Covid? Nobody!

As someone who was obligated to pay rent/mortgage for FOUR physical locations, (one which hadn't even officially opened yet! omg) I definitely felt that paralyzing sense of panic and worry about how I would survive the "few weeks of lockdown." And, as we all know, that "few weeks" turned into many, MANY months.

One thing I knew for sure was that my positive attitude and outlook had taken me far, for most of my life. I understood the importance of a positive mindset, and I wasn't willing to risk losing that.

And, like most entrepreneurs, I was looking at cutting unnecessary expenses wherever I could. I definitely thought about it, but at the end of the day, I knew I couldn't afford to cut the expense of my business coach.

Was she expensive? Yes! Some would say, an extravagance. So could I do without her? NO! Because when the going gets tough, your coach keeps you positive! And being a positive, energetic force (in business AND in life) is a non-negotiable for me!

I'm fortunate to work with a coach who sees things in me that I simply don't see in myself. She looks at everything through the lens of energy and vibration, and will frequently point out synchronicities that I surely would have missed.

And at this uncertain juncture in my business (and in history!) I wasn't willing to risk losing that insight and perspective.

Fast forward to last week... the first thing my coach always asks me is "What was your WIN for the week?

It doesn't matter if it's business or personal; she wants to know the best thing that happened to me since we spoke last. And last week was easy...I sent her this video:

She knows me well, and she is always my biggest fan. She says nothing about me surprises her. anymore Yet she was COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY.

Her Words: OMG Mark! As Bob Proctor would say "Always amazed, but never surprised." I am soooo happy for you and your team!!! And OF COURSE you won this awesome award. During a pandemic! You and your team are an ENERGETIC MATCH to it!!!

I am grateful and humbled by this completely unexpected acknowledgement from RE/MAX to my SUPREME TEAM. .And I love what LeAnn says in her very kind words:

"2020 was a very difficult year, as we all know, and those who survived were the ones who were able to keep a positive attitude, and pivot quickly.... You and your brokerage and your agents have done that."

Moral of the story, keep YOUR positive attitude! And keep YOUR ability to pivot! And if you need some help with either of those... call me!

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