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Jim Rohn said it best!

I've always been a fan of the late, great Jim Rohn. Among other things, he had a knack for coming up with powerful quotes to make his point. And this quote of his is helping to make my point today:

If you want to make a living,

go to college.

If you want to make a fortune,

go to seminars!

I know so many people who hem and haw about attending events. "I don't have the money" "I can't take time off" "I've heard that speaker before..."

But here's the thing... it's not just the content being presented on the stage that's valuable; it's all the people you meet and the lessons you learn in front of the stage. During breaks, on the elevator, or at Happy Hour!

Me? I see the announcement, I register, and I put it on my calendar. And I am never, EVER disappointed. How about you?

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