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My 2 Linkedin Pet Peeves

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Linkedin, the #1 platform for business professionals, allows millions of people to interact, share services and, most importantly, CONNECT to potential clients all around the world.

Connecting with peers and tapping into their networks is a powerful way to expand your business. Personally, I always prefer to do business via a referral, vs searching for someone on my own, and my Linkedin connections help me do just that. It's a total compliment and honor when my connections ask me for a referral. That means they trust my advice or expertise, and I feel obligated to send the best people their way.

That is the power of a solid connection, and why I love to CONNECT with new people.

You may have noticed that i have capitalized the work CONNECT three times, and I did that for a reason. But before I get to that, lets look at the definition of CONNECT.

connect [ kuh-nekt] to join, link, or fasten together; unite or bind.

To connect is to Unite or Bind, meaning we unite with each other for a common purpose: to help each other grow.

So what are my two biggest pet peeves on Linkedin??? Here you go:

1. You request to connect with me, and I naturally accept. Then, within a few hours (or minutes!), I receive your sales pitch via a private message. Here are some screen shots of the messages I received, just this week...

Two of these messages included the words "connect" or "connected". Yet, it's obvious these people don't want to "connect"; they simply want to "sell". Since that is my number one pet peeve, there is zero change that I will buyfrom them.

Maybe their strategy works for some people. But what is the value of that quick sale vs a connection with me and my network that may bring numerous referrals over time? Something for them to ponder, I guess.

2. You send me an invitation to CONNECT. I accept, and respond with a direct message, thanking you for said connection. Then.............. Crickets............... I never hear from you again.

If you wanted to connect with me in the first place, why wouldn't you respond to your own connection? Maybe I have a friend looking for your service...

Either way I love CONNECTIONS. Genuine CONNECTIONS. And I strive to provide value to all of them. So if you happen to come across this blog post and find it helpful, I'd be honored to connect.

Until next time, #takeflight

Mark Scuderi

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