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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

It is a cold and rainy October Saturday morning as I sit here in my office preparing for my favorite task of the year… the year end review and upcoming year’s business planning.

My philosophy on evaluating and business planning has evolved, and actually simplified over the past 15 years of my business life.

Those of you that know me, know that I am a serious student of personal development, and over the years I have listened to dozens of “experts” in this field. I’ve prepared five year plans, set high goals, and consistently furthered my education by attending conventions, seminars, and taking online courses.

But even with all of those years of training, it wasn’t until life literally “smacked me in the face,” that I realized I was not where I needed or wanted to be in several areas of my life.

I took a nasty fall while playing street hockey with my kids resulting in me smashing my face into a fence post. I found myself face down in the dirt with blood gushing from my face, as my 11 year old daughter stood there screaming in fear.

For me, it was a massive wake up call. I knew at that moment that I had to make dramatic changes in my fitness, and I had to make them immediately! If I hadn't been so overweight and out of shape, I don't believe I would have taken that fall.

During the following weeks, as I healed from my “smacked in the face Injury”, I looked back at my habits, past business plans, goal lists, journal entries, and most importantly, evaluated my MINDSET. I discovered that I was having great success in some areas, but not all. I had a Growth Mindset in business, but not in other areas of my life.

I decided to identify one problem area and immediately take action to correct it, and after my embarrassing trip and fall, it was obvious that my health & fitness was a major problem. I decided to COMMIT to improving it, which required I be CONSISTENT with my training. I had to challenge myself, because what I was doing in the past was not working.

Through the advice of a friend, I took a free class at my local CrossFit Box, and even though I didn't think I could physically do this 5 days a week, I decided to purchase a one year membership and COMMIT to going.

What I didn’t expect is how fixing one problem could have such a positive effect on all other areas of my life.

It was that thorough and truthful evaluation, combined with one simple, yet very challenging action step, that lead me to one irrefutable conclusion...

Most people underestimate their abilities, and rarely commit 100% to their TOTAL life success.

I discovered that you simply cannot have success in your business life without striving for success in all areas. Success is a mindset, and it is simply not possible to have great success without striving for success in all areas of life.

I consider it a complete honor to be able to share my experience with you. 2020 will be a “Next Level” year for many, and I want you participate in the successes and blessings that are occurring for us. I want you to achieve more than you ever have before, and to accomplish things you never thought possible.

My Take Flight Training Program will help you evaluate where you are, How you spend your time, and where you want to be. Together we make a decision on what action steps are needed, and together we work towards getting you there.

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