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Real Estate Tech Tools Help Agents Adapt to Covid-19

While we patiently wait to get back to "business as usual," our Director of Agent Services, Sara Tozzi talks about how to maximize effort by using the tech tools you may have been reluctant to learn. Up until now...

As RE/MAX agents, we've always had exceptional technology available, yet many didn't want to learn it and use it. If that's you, let this video motivate you to jump in and get up to speed.

What we're realizing is that, despite the current restrictions, we're still able to help our clients buy, show and sell their homes. In fact, we may be doing it better than ever!

Also, here's the link to the podcast I mentioned. Rob Fonte and I discuss navigating the 2008 real estate crash just a few days before we began navigating the Pandemic. Who knew???

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