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The Compound Effect of Doing "Little Things"

In "The Compound Effect," by Darren Hardy, he talks about doing little things that, individually might only make a small difference, but collectively make a tremendous difference.

When I met (virtually) with my master mind partners yesterday, I was inspired to hear that, during the past few weeks of quarantine, they've continued doing their "little things." And this week, they're noticing positive results, despite the not-so-positive atmosphere we find ourselves in.

In this short video, I explain what we mean by "little things." And if, like many people, you've fallen off the wagon with doing your little things over the past couple weeks, two thoughts:

  1. You're certainly not alone. Seems like everyone's talking about how much weight they've gained, or how much time they've wasted binging Netflix. And it's understandable. So if that's you, no big deal; no beating yourself up about it. Because . . .

  2. A new wagon will be waiting for you to hop on tomorrow!

If you haven't read "The Compound Effect," I highly recommend it! And if you have read it, it's worth reading again.

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